1 on 1 Training

One one one sessions are of course fully tailored towards the individual.

We always start our relationship with a a cup of coffee or tea where we get to know each other and you tell me about your goals for your pregnancy or post partum recovery and I will tell you how I  may eventually be of assistance.

If we decide that we will work together, I will do a physical assessment to understand how you move, to get a picture your nutritional and medical history so that I may get an more in-depth understanding of whom and where you are in your journey.

Before we start any session I will enquire about your well being,  and ask that you share any relevant medical developments so that I may adapt your training for the day if necessary.

My goals is to help you as well as possible, with awareness

Note that experience has taught me that in order to have a successful project, we both need to be accountable for our respective sides.  I will  provide you with the tools and guidance to reach your goals to the best of my abilities but will need you  to to do your bit, speak with me, do the things I may ask you to do outside the gym and  take responsibility for your own choices on a daily basis so that together we may create something special.

I truly believe in being mindful, present and empowering women and encourage (future) mothers to do research, ask questions in order to make their own well informed decisions and connecting with yourself and your baby.

Every woman is on her own journey and my goal is to be a facilitator in this process. I hope I get to be a small part of your own amazing and personal journey.