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Baby Moves by Child Physiotherapist, Marianne Hermsen-van Waanroy,  is a book I loved reading when my baby girl was born.

As a former athlete and current strength and conditioning coach, I am very interested in the physical aspect of human development and was looking for ways to help my baby develop as best as possible.

Enter Baby Moves,  a book with a simple layout full of photos and a simply written message about the process babies go through as they develop from reflex movements to voluntary and controlled movements.

I bet that just like me you often marvel at the small human who could once not lift his own head and is perhaps now running around? well Marianne’s philosophy is that putting babies into positions they cannot get into by themselves can disturb the “reflex integration, causing long term negative effects such as poor posture, clumsiness, learning and or behaviorural difficulties“.

She proposes that instead of teaching babies how to move, we let them discover their own bodies naturally while discovering themselves and the environment around them. “External stimulation such as toys placed into his hands or dangling above him, is just a hindrance to this very important stage.”

This is a book I now give as a present to new moms because it actually shows  how babies develop from month to month, what positions to avoid, what to look out for and how to safely encourage a particular development.