About Carla


I am Carla Nunes da Costa, the owner of BirthFit Twente. Thanks for stopping by!

This being our first date and all, and considering both you and I are still trying to figure whether we are right for each other, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I like to call myself a hybrid, a mixture of sorts that I have trouble putting in a nicely labelled and packaged box.

I was born in Angola but lived most of my life in Europe. I am a former competitive kayaker, 3x winner of The Lowlands Throwdown, 3x CrossFit Regionals Athlete,  and  1x CrossFit Games individual athlete who also happens to be a geek with an LLM in International Criminal and Human Rights Law.

Trying to confine a moving mind and body to the office did not work out well and in 2013 after years of leading a double life where I worked with law during the day and fitness during evenings and weekends, I finally took the plunge and moved to Cape Town, South Africa to coach full time.

My work as a coach has taken me to several places in this world including The United States, South Africa, and Costa Rica. I got to work with children, teenagers, and adults from those who had never exercised before to the athlete.

Throughout the years, in both my legal and coaching work, I had the privilege of seeing women from different backgrounds survive against odds, overcome great challenges, in the most complex and different of circumstances. Each unique, each valuable, each with a story to tell.

There is a line in a Ghanaian proverb that says “…but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.” This rings true to me as I see in my work time and time again how whenever a woman takes steps towards enriching her life, be it physically or mentally, her offspring or those closest to her are the clear and immediate beneficiaries. There is something particular powerful about potentially affecting future generations.

Currently I live in The Netherlands with my baby girl Otchali and it was during my own pregnancy that I focused more on the work of BirthFit in Los Angeles,  which I had been following since 2013 and implemented it in my own life by working on my nutrition, fitness and mindset.

Their support and professionalism allowed me to work safe and mindfully towards showing up on B day, with the strength and endurance I kept during those 9 months. Well informed and with a mindset ready to adapt to whatever reality my birth may have brought.

My recovery was mindful, with attention to rehabbing my body, with love and respect as well as new found awe for its ability to create a human and deliver her safely into this world.

This type of experience is what I wish for other women regardless of cultural or social background. I want to help create an inclusive, safe and loving space where women can come together to be present and work towards preparing physical and mentally for the most athletic event in their lives with trust in their bodies and the birthing process.

I hope I get to meet you and we can work towards these and other personal goals together.

“To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest act of daring greatly”

Brene Brown